“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.”
– C.S. Lewis –

Dracula: Audio

Dear Dracula,
Spooooky… I did not realize how different you would be from the watered down pop culture version of the Dracula I knew. You definitely had me on edge for some of the novel, I think you hit the end of my horror rope.

White Fragility: Audio

Dear White Fragility, I can understand your popularity after listening to you. I can see both sides: The people who enjoyed you and the ones who didn’t. While you may not be for everyone, I personally enjoyed our time together. With Love,Hannah P.S. Book DetailsAuthor: Robin DiAngeloBook Length: 154 pagesBook Genre: NonfictionPublication Date: June 2018Awards:Continue reading “White Fragility: Audio”

The Lightning Thief

Dear Lightning Thief,
Sign me up for your next Capture the Flag game! Also, if you ever take visitors to Camp Half-Blood, I want to come. Maybe I could be a daughter of Athena, too??

Saving Missy

Dear Saving Missy,
Thank you for reminding me of the resiliency in human-kind, encouraging people to keep growing and adapting, and introducing me to one of the cutest animals in literature: Bobby.

Pumpkin Heads

Dear Pumpkinheads,
You were beautiful to look at. I was mesmerized with every turn of the page. While we won’t meet annually, I think I will come and visit this pumpkin patch a couple more times.

The Poet X: Audio

Dear The Poet X,
Wowza! I want more! More time, more words, more of everything! I did not want my time to end with you. I am so grateful for our short time, and look forward to more in the future.

Invisible Women: Audio

Dear Invisible Women,
Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the rest of the world and equipping readers with information they can use to make decisions. I appreciate the work and activism you are doing.

Dad is Fat: Audio

Dear Dad is Fat,
You definitely had me laughing from the first story to the last. It was so entertaining to hear you tell stories for a few hours and have a reprieve from life. Thank you!

Sweet Trilogy

Dear Sweet Trilogy,
I feel like a high schooler again, spending a weekend with you and enjoying every minute. It may have been a while since high school, but all the feels came back immediately!


Dear Felicity,
I will not look at nature the same way again. I feel connected better to the magic and wonder of the world, thank you!


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